Motivo Design Group Inc. (MDG) can provide clients with professionally designed building solutions.   Concepts are created through collaboration with clients and projects are closely guided through construction until the final product is complete and satisfactory.  MDG can provide project conceptual consulting, new construction design, and renovation design in the following areas: 

Custom Residential Home Design
Residential Renovations & Additions
Multi-Family Residential Design
Commercial Tenant Improvements
Industrial Building Design
Drafting & 3D Rendering Services
By-Law & Code Review
Municipal  Approvals

MDG focuses on applying creative designs through sound engineering principles.  Our designs place a strong emphasis on cost effectiveness, constructability, and energy efficiency.  A building design should be an extension of the building site, compliment the lifestyle of the client, and meet the planned construction budget.  In addition, MDG can assist in monitoring client projects from concept to completion to ensure coherency throughout construction. If you are interested in discussing how we can help your next project, please contact us to set-up a meeting.  We will walk you through the custom design process and discuss our fee structure.